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About me

Hello, I am Sarah Peña, an abstract fluid and digital artist from Amsterdam.

I experiment with different mediums and techniques and use acrylic paint, alcohol ink and epoxy resin to make abstract art that is full of color, movement and dimensionality.

My work is inspired by the flow between three worlds: creative light, infinite imagination, and the practical realities of cause and effect.

When I paint, I feel deeply at peace with my surroundings. It’s like swimming in colorful water without getting wet.

Please have a look at my workshop offerings if you also want to experience the flow of fluid art and to understand the beauty of the interaction between color and chemistry.

I am also available for commission work. I will make something unique based on your wishes.

Acrylic Paint Pouring Workshop
Everyone is welcome, no previous experience with Fluid Art is necessary, but please come dressed for a mess!
The workshop groups are small, maximal 3 people duo the covid-19, allowing for personal feedback and hands-on instruction in Dutch, English, Spanish or Portugese.
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New artwork

Want to rent original artwork?!

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